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International Women's Day: Miles to Walk, in the US and Across the Seas

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2011 marks the 100th anniversary of International Women's Day - a day for the celebration of women worldwide. In 25 nations (including China, Afghanistan, Russia, Ukraine, Vietnam and Zambia), the day has become a national holiday, a time not only to cheer for women's advances, but also to reflect upon the many global inequalities women still face.

We honor this day in the United States, too, and stand in solidarity with our sisters who are struggling to surmount injustice around the globe. But here at the Ms. Foundation, we know we must do more than look outward at the failures and fault-lines of equality beyond our borders. Today, this entire Women's History Month, and throughout the year, we must take a hard look at our own country's shortcomings. While we pride ourselves on our global leadership and our national ideals, there is no doubt that the US falls hideously short.

Of course, we need not look far. Whether it's Representative Chris Smith's (R-NJ) attempt to redefine rape and set the women's movement - and our entire country - back decades, or Congressional attempts to defund Planned Parenthood and other Title X providers, it is clear that women's reproductive rights and health are under blatant attack. But even before the Right's most recent assault on women's lives, the status of women's health in the US has lagged far behind. Did you know, for example, that over the last 20 years, deaths from pregnancy and childbirth in the United States have doubled? And need we remind you that this is taking place in a nation that spends more than any other country in the world on health care?