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International World Egg Day is October 14th!

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October 14th is International Egg Day. The egg has been esteemed for its amazing health attributes and a staple throughout the world. Yet, it also has been put on the list of unhealthy additions to the diet. Corporate farming has also been under the microscope for the treatment of the animals in production. On October 14, 2011, International Egg Day rolls around, touting the time to celebrate the egg and get in touch with its benefits and perhaps crack into the myths and facts about this beloved menu item.  To help us all decide which "egg" is up, I've compiled a few places to search out the pros and cons.

Heifer International is an organization that promotes the purchase of animals for poor families throughout the world. The addition of chickens to a family's life can add a lot of nutrition for very little money as chickens can thrive on food scraps and insects they find in the area, ranking the egg high to sustain a family's diet. Of course in areas such as India or Central America, most of these chickens will be roaming free and far from cages. Heifer International provides a fact-filled chart about the egg. For example, did you know the people of China eat the most eggs in the world? Or that the rooster is not necessarily an ingredient needed in egg production?
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