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Introducing the GoSun Grid – Outdoor Fun & Resilience

GoSun is focused on building resilience and supporting outdoor enthusiasts, and for creating products that are good for the planet and good for you. And since GoSun has a registered CF offering, GoSun also provides a unique Green Investment Opportunity.

GoSun has created a micro-grid of self-reliance that integrates nearly 30 products designed to work in unison, or as stand-alone portable energy solutions. These appliances that have been developed are some of the most efficient appliances possible, so you only need a small amount of energy to get the job done in the first place. Indeed, a conventional oven needs up to 4000wh to cook a meal, the GoSun oven only needs 150wh.

Designed to maximize versatility and compatibility – and unlike many other offerings – the GoSun Grid is an open ecosystem. All of these energy efficient appliances run on solar energy or 12 volts, the most common port in the world, and these products can continue to run even if the utility power grid goes down.