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The Investment Case for Biochar: A Journey Towards Enhanced Sustainability & Net-Zero Emissions

Biochar is a traditional material that has been used for thousands of years. Due to its ability to store carbon and to contribute to mitigate climate change it has been recently rediscovered and it is gaining growing interest worldwide.

Biochar is increasingly seen as a promising investment for organisations to attain their net- zero commitments. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) (1), Project Drawdown (2), The Royal Society (3) and The Exponential Roadmap Initiative (4) all consider biochar as a means to reach net-zero emissions.

Moreover, companies like Microsoft and Shopify are investing in biochar carbon credits to compensate their carbon emissions (5) (6). And, in June 2021, Nasdaq became a majority investor in, a market platform that sells carbon credits from engineered carbon removal methods, including biochar (7).

For other organisations biochar represents a solution to their biomass disposal and a means to enhance the sustainability and circularity of their operations. For instance, Suez Group and Airex Energy have formed a partnership this year, by which Suez will use the CarbonFXTM torrefaction technology developed by Airex Energy for the global deployment of industrial-scale production plants that transform biomass residues into biochar (8).