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An Invitation to Work Regeneratively

I see beauty and new possibilities everywhere. Even in the most degraded landscapes, oppressed communities, and desolate situations. I see the possibility of bringing into being a reality that we haven’t known before. An existence where all beings are valued and thrive, where whole communities experience abundance, deep connection, and love. I see the potential for a reality beyond colonialism, extractive capitalism, and climate chaos. A potential sourced from an understanding of living systems, not from my projection of what I want to see change in the world.

Do you believe that a reality beyond the one we currently experience is possible?

I’ve worked for sixteen years in an attempt to improve the health of our planet. I’ve been driven by a belief that simple solutions can solve complex problems and that by continuously improving reality we can get where we intend to go. I’ve spent a lot of time working with environmental activists on climate change and contributing to the growth of the regenerative agricultural movement, through roles at five different nonprofits and co-founding Kiss the Ground.