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Is Organic Expensive? 12 Ways to Eat Organic on a Budget

Organic foods are very popular amongst people who care about their health and want to eat food without any added pesticides and harmful chemicals. Organic food can also put a hole in your pocket as it is very expensive as compared to inorganic food. The organic produce is very low as compared to inorganic produce which makes it more expensive.

There is always a  shortage of supply in proportion to the demand. It costs more to farmers to produce organic food as no pesticides are used in the process, which makes handling the crops with intensive care. It is a time taking process which reduces the capacity of the produce. However by using some hacks one can buy organic food at a much cheaper rate. Here are some tips and tricks which will help you maintain your budget.

Directly from the farmers

Now you must be wondering how can I buy from a farmer? Where will I find a farm nearby? Will they be fine by selling me their produce?  Many communities offer farmers to directly sell their produce . This gives a chance to the consumers to buy directly from the farmers at a much cheaper rate. You can also find some nearby farms locally and ask for their organic produce. Getting their produce can be challenging but once you talk to them, they become friendly and easily sell their produce. Farming is not just their profession, they love to produce these crops and one can easily establish a connection with some efforts. You will be shocked to know the price difference between supermarkets and farmer’s prices.

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