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Isis Biodynamic Launches Biodynamic Whole Wheat Flour


ISIS biodynamic flour

Isis Biodynamic, a mother-daughter run company named after the ancient Egyptian goddess of wisdom, medicine and agriculture is proud to announce the launch of Isis Biodynamic Stone Ground Whole Wheat Flour - the first nationally available certified Biodynamic whole wheat flour on the market exclusively at Whole Foods Market nationwide. The flour is made with Biodynamic Hard Red Spring Wheat grown in rich soil upon the beautiful Northern Plains of North Dakota. The cleaned wheat is then carefully stone ground at Isis's Demeter-certified flour mill in Freeport, Minn.

"We truly believe in Biodynamic farming and really see a shift in consumers wanting to know where their food is grown and how their food is processed, even so far as to develop a relationship with the farmer," said Jessica Rockwell, partner in the Isis Biodynamic Team. "We are transparent with where our product comes from and how it is processed. That is why we are ecstatic to partner with Whole Foods Market and think it's a great time for people to be introduced to Biodynamic farming and our flour."

"Our whole-wheat flour is slowly and carefully stone ground at low temperatures so that it retains all of the natural, nutritional and energetic properties, which are significantly diminished when wheat is heated to high temperatures in other types of milling processes," said Lynda Rockwell, partner in the Isis Biodynamic Team. "The flour has not been sifted or altered in any way. Because the flour is not sifted, the consumer receives the full benefit of the entire wheat kernel, including the bran, germ and endosperm. This creates hearty and rustic flour with a whole wheat flavor that we are very proud of."

Fred Kirschenmann, the farmer who produces the wheat for the new flour, has been a certified Biodynamic Farmer for over 31 years, never using pesticides or chemicals on his farmland. Instead, he utilizes crop rotations, composting and Biodynamic farming practices to enrich the land and keep crops healthy. Fred is constantly paying attention to the inner workings of nature and adjusting his approaches for optimum soil health, which translates into the health and quality of our wheat.