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It’s Time to Get on with the Business of Regeneration

As a regenerative farmer and consultant, I see the enormous potential of restoring the health of our living and life-giving soil. However, I also see the potential for regenerative agriculture to become a broad and misleading brush by which some companies can disingenuously greenwash their sustainability efforts, confuse consumers and devalue the currency of legitimate regenerative agriculture efforts.

In a recent Fortune magazine piece titled, “Why Walmart’s quest to be a regenerative farming pioneer is falling short,” writer Rachel Hellman cites a recent study in the research journal, Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems, writing, “With little regulatory supervision surrounding the definition of regenerative agriculture, there’s no mandate for Walmart or its competitors to include specific terms or measurables.”

There’s considerable merit in that statement but the absence of “regulatory supervision” should not preclude those of us who are leaders in the regenerative agriculture movement from establishing that definition. Who better to set the bar, than those who pioneered its modern-day practices?