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It's Payback Time for McDonald's -- Lawsuits Could Force Company to Hike Wages

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McDonald's employees filed two lawsuits in Michigan, one in New York and four in California. The lawsuits name the McDonald's corporation and McDonald's franchises as the defendants. The lawsuit filed in New York alleges that McDonald's employees are required to pay out-of-pocket for their uniforms and all uniform cleaning expenses.

Those additional expenses really hurt already struggling McDonald's employees, and they also violate a New York state regulation that requires companies to reimburse workers weekly for the cost of buying and maintaining uniforms. Meanwhile, the lawsuits filed in California allege that McDonald's managers are constantly playing fast and loose with employees' hours in attempts to keep down costs, which violates federal wage and hour laws.

To make matters worse, McDonald's employees are already some of the lowest paid workers in America. According to 24/7 Wall Street, McDonald's is the second worst paying corporation in America, behind only WalMart.

In 2012 the fast-food giant took in over $27 billion and netted $5.5 billion. Despite those billions a majority of McDonald's employees are just paid the minimum wage. Shockingly, McDonald's basically acknowledges its low wages and has encouraged employees to enroll in food stamps and welfare programs.    
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