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It's Time to Make Your Own Vegetable Garden!

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In the US, backyard vegetable gardens are still viewed mostly as a hobby - an activity that you can engage in to get away from your daily grind, get your hands dirty, and spend some time in nature.

But this is rapidly changing, thanks to a growing movement of people who are not only in love with the process of gardening but also the literal fruits of their labor.

Yes, homegrown food is fresher, tastier and, often, more nutritious than produce shipped from across the globe. But gardening is much grander than that, as it puts you in control of a commodity that is, at its very essence, survival, freedom, and health. Growing your own food is the way of the future, ironically, by getting back to our foundational roots of self-sufficiency and oneness with nature.

It's Time to Start Planting Your 21st Century Victory Garden

During World War II, many foods, including butter, eggs, coffee, meat, and sugar, were rationed by the government. There were also labor and transportation shortages that made it difficult for enough fresh produce to be brought to the market. And so the government called on Americans to plant "victory gardens" in order to supply their own fruits and vegetables.

It's inspiring to look back on now, as close to 20 million Americans planted produce in every nook and cranny they could find, from rooftops and empty lots to their own backyards and they grew 40 percent of the produce in the US. Neighbors began to work together, planting varying crops and forming food cooperatives to share their harvests with one another.

Unfortunately, when the war ended so, too, did many Americans' gardening efforts. Today, Americans largely tend to their lawns - all 35 million acres of them. New York Times author Michael Pollan was one of the first to tackle the absurdity of the pursuit of lush green lawns.     
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