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It’s Time to Stop Funding Obesity

Government benefits should only be spent on nutritious foods

Obesity is one of the leading health challenges in the U.S., so why is the federal government subsidizing it among low-income Americans?

This question comes to mind in response to President Biden's efforts to increase benefits for participants in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), the nation's largest food relief program for low-income individuals. However, any changes in SNAP -- formerly known as food stamps -- should be tied to reforms that promote healthier eating. Public health experts, big-city mayors, and even SNAP beneficiaries support such a move.

The Role of SNAP in Rising Obesity Rates

The country's rising obesity rate provides the backdrop to the need for SNAP reform. More than 42% of American adults, and nearly 20% of children are obese, leaving the U.S. with the highest obesity rate in the world among nations with at least 5 million people.