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Jackson County Oregon GMO Measure Draws More Than $1 Million

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More than $1 million has been raised on both sides of a proposal to ban genetically modified crops and seeds from being grown in Southern Oregon's Jackson County.

With a little more a month left until the vote, supporters have raised $180,254, while opponents have amassed $856,964.

Jackson County voters only get one chance to consider the issue.

In September, the Oregon legislature passed a bill prohibiting local jurisdictions from regulating genetically modified crops and seeds.

Jackson County's measure was exempt from the legislation because it already had qualified for the May 20 ballot.

Supporters of the ban held a press conference this morning to announce that more than 100 Jackson County medical professionals are supporting the measure.

"The out-of-state chemical companies flooding the county with money to try to defeat 15-119 are doing it for one reason: genetically engineered crops mean they sell more herbicides that end up in our county and our bodies. They sell a product that puts our health at risk and they just want to sell more of it," said Dr. Matt Sheehan.