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Job posting: Maine Fair Trade Campaign Justice in the Wal-Mart Economy organizer


Maine Fair Trade Campaign Justice in the Wal-Mart Economy organizer

JOB TITLE: organizer

The Maine Fair Trade Campaign (MFTC) seeks to hire an organizer to coordinate our „Justice in the Wal-Mart Economy‰ campaign.  MFTC is a statewide coalition of more than forty labor, environmental, religious and community based organizations working to promote fair trade policies, justice in the „Wal-Mart economy,‰ and a more just, sustainable and democratic local and global economy.  The coalition was founded in early 2003 by a broad group of unions, community organizations and laid off workers to more systematically address the trade and corporate globalization issues that were hurting Maine workers, communities, the environment and democracy. The coalition formed around a basic recognition that the only way to stand up against such powerful forces was to organize across sectors, build trust and power, and take action together.  Since that time, MFTC has built a broad coalition and won important victories on fair trade issues including passage of the Maine Jobs, Trade & Democracy Act; a successful campaign to pressure Maine‚s entire Congressional delegation to vote against the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA); and a successful effort to protect Maine from trade related privatization.

In addition to our ongoing commitment to fair trade organizing, the coalition has recently developed a second area of program work focused on changing Wal-Mart, the big box retail industry and the larger „Wal-Mart economy‰ in Maine and globally.  Our „Justice in the Wal-Mart Economy‰ campaign seeks to 1.) do widespread education about the negative impacts of Wal-Mart and the big  box retail industry‚s business model on workers, communities, the environment, etc.; 2.) build a broader coalition and stronger movement for change by doing deliberate organizing and outreach to our coalition member and allies and three key constituencies - Wal-Mart workers, religious communities and small businesses; and 3.) win concrete victories around wages, healthcare, development and sweatshop supply chain issues that force Wal-Mart and the larger big box retail industry to change their practices and move us towards social, economic and environmental justice.

For more information about the coalition:

The Justice in the Wal-Mart economy organizer will coordinate the coalition‚s work to change Wal-Mart and the larger „Wal-Mart economy.‰  The organizer will work closely with MFTC coalition coordinator, the MFTC board, MFTC‚s coalition member organizations and individual supporters to coordinate the coalition‚s Wal-Mart/big box related campaigns; carry out grassroots education and outreach; develop the organization and build the power of the coalition; co- coordinate fundraising and support the coalition‚s overall workplan. The organizer will work as part of a staff team with the coalition coordinator.

The Justice in the Wal-Mart economy organizer will work with the MFTC coalition coordinator, the MFTC board, coalition member organizations and individual supporters in the following areas to:
Coalition Campaigning

* Develop and coordinate MFTC‚s campaigns around Wal-Mart/big box issues.

* Co-coordinate MFTC‚s legislative work at the legislature on Wal- Mart/big box issues.

* Mobilize coalition member organizations and individual supporters to take action.

* Coordinate special events and special projects related to MFTC‚s Wal- Mart/big box work.

* Ensure good communication with coalition members and supporters about important issue developments and the coalition‚s work.

* Stay current on developments in the field.

Outreach & Education

* Coordinate the coalition‚s outreach to Wal-Mart workers, religious groups and small businesses as well as other allies.

* Coordinate education work with MFTC member organizations, allied organizations and the general public.  Assist coalition member groups in educating their own members.

* Develop and maintain supportive relationships with communities engaged in Wal-Mart site fights.

* Produce educational and organizing materials

* Co-coordinate newsletter

* Co-Coordinate media work and strive to get our issues into the media

* Work with staff & volunteers to maintain MFTC website

Coalition Building & Organizational Development

* Build a strong, broad coalition

* Expand and deepen membership and participation in the coalition. This includes recruiting coalition members to volunteer and be actively involved in the coalition‚s work.

* Co-coordinate coalition‚s strategic planning

* Support MFTC committees in their work

* Prepare and facilitate, or recruit facilitators for, parts of coalition meetings

* Support MFTC‚s ongoing organizational development work


* Work with coalition coordinator and the fundraising committee to co- coordinate the coalition‚s fundraising efforts. This includes collecting and growing organization‚s membership dues; grant writing; outreach to individual/major donors; seeking organizational financial support; etc.


* Maintain close communication with relevant national and state organizations working on Wal-Mart/big box issues; participate in conference calls; share information from Maine, etc.

* Develop solid understanding of MFTC‚s fair trade work and support that work at important times.

Several years experience in grassroots organizing; close knowledge of Wal- Mart/big box issues and some knowledge of fair trade issues; demonstrated commitment to social change, economic justice, environmental sustainability and movement building; ability to work well with individuals and organizations from various sectors, excellent verbal and written communication skills; ability to manage a diverse set of tasks; and strong organizational and interpersonal skills. Fundraising and website maintenance skills also encouraged. Must be able to travel.

MFTC is an equal opportunity employer.

This position Reports to:  Coalition coordinator SALARY & BENEFITS:  To be negotiated

LOCATION:  Lewiston, Maine (negotiable); travel statewide

Please submit resume, cover letter and three references by TUESDAY September 26, 2006 to: by email to:   or

by mail to:
Maine Fair Trade Campaign c/o Hiring Committee 217 South Mountain Rd. Greene, ME 04236

Deadline for applications is Tuesday September 26, 2006 or until position is filled.

Questions or for more information:
Matt Schlobohm, 207-777-6387,