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Joe Rogan, Ivermectin and the 'Politicization of Information'

Russell Brand slammed the mainstream media in a new video for having “very little objectivity,” and using everything as an “opportunity to score points for the ‘left’ and ‘right.’”

When comedian Joe Rogan contracted COVID, the media seemed to take delight in his illness and wanted him to suffer as a result of it, Russell Brand said in a new video.

The media’s reporting on the treatments Rogan used — which included ivermectin, vitamin C and monoclonal antibodies— was “deeply cynical,” said Brand.

Brand said he has no opinion on how COVID should be treated and isn’t qualified to offer advice — but he does have an opinion on how the media reports on certain issues and what biases are at play.

Brand questioned why information on ivermectin, an antiparasitic drug given to 4 billion people worldwide, is so politicized. He highlighted a clip from “The Joe Rogan Podcast” where Rogan addresses the media storm that ensued after he went public about using ivermectin.