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John E. Peck and Tiffany Finck-Hayne: Toxic Legacy Remains After Monsanto's Merger With Bayer

The Department of Justice just announced its formal go-ahead for the Bayer-Monsanto merger, disregarding overwhelming opposition from farmers and other Americans across the country. The agency received more than a million public comments urging the agency to block the merger, but put its final rubber stamp on the deal at the end of January.

Now that Bayer and Monsanto have merged into the world’s largest biotech seed and pesticide corporation, it’s important to realize the true threat this massive conglomerate means for our entire food/farm system. Monsanto’s name may go into hiding, but its harmful legacy remains intact — emboldened, in fact, by Bayer’s acquisition.

In a politically convenient disappearing act, Bayer did sell off a handful of holdings to appease Justice Department concerns that it was gaining too much monopoly influence. By choosing to acquire Monsanto, Bayer also gained a rather infamous reputation — and potential future liability — now cascading throughout its entire product line.

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