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Judge Asks FDA to Decide Whether GMOs Belong in 'Natural' Foods

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Lawyers defending food industry clients in consumer class actions over whether GMO's belong in 'natural' products say courts should follow a California Judge's lead and let the FDA determine this matter once and for all, so such cases stop " needlessly clogging up our court system".

Their comments came after judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers concluded that " deference to the FDA's regulatory authority is the appropriate course" in the Elizabeth Cox vs Gruma Corp class action over 'all-natural' claims on Mission tortilla chips.

In an order on the case published yesterday, she added: " The court hereby refers to the FDA, for an administrative determination, the question of whether and under what circumstances food products containing ingredients produced using bio-engineered seed may or may not be labeled 'Natural' or 'All Natural' or '100% Natural'."

Rogers, who had hinted she might take this course of action in a tentative ruling last month, went on to stay the action for six months, but added that this period " may be extended... upon a showing of good cause, including an indication from the FDA that it intends to resolve the issue".

Finally, she said that Gruma's motion to dismiss the case is " granted with respect to primary jurisdiction only, and is otherwise denied without prejudice to re-filing upon an order dissolving the stay ordered herein".

Gruma attorney: 'This will provide clarity for manufacturers and the public'

Gregory Huffman, a partner in Thompson & Knight LLP's Dallas office representing Gruma, told FoodNavigator-USA that his client was " pleased that the federal court ruled in our favor".

He added: " Gruma hopes that the FDA will take this opportunity to provide clarity to manufacturers and the public about the labeling of bio-engineered foods."