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Keep Organics a Safe Haven from Unsafe/Unnecessary Synthetics

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Replacing Mother: Imitating Breast Milk in the Laboratory from Downtown Dailies on Vimeo.

Organic foods provide a refuge from the toxins, synthetics, and chemically processed ingredients that masquerade as food in the conventional food supply.

Through corruption at the USDA some questionable 'nutrient' ingredients-produced by Martek Biosciences Corporation's (DHA/ARA oils from algae and soil fungus) - have illegally found their way into organic foods, including organic infant formula, baby food and milk. And they are making some children very sick.

The corporations whose profits depend on these untested and unnecessary novel ingredients have launched a full-blown lobbying effort to chip away at the integrity of the organic label.

Not only have they convinced the USDA to not enforce the law (current federal standards prohibit these materials in organics), corporate lobbyists are now pressuring the National Organic Standards Board to adopt new rules that would open the door to these additives, and hundreds of others like them.

We cannot allow these powerful corporations to water down the organic label. 

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