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Kentucky Food Freedom Takes on Big Ag in S.B. 47

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Kentucky finds itself at the center of the emerging battle over who decides what the average person can choose to eat - the government/regulatory apparatus, little more than a front man for Big Ag and the establishment at this point, or the people.

It is a question of paramount importance - whoever controls the food supply controls the people. Whoever controls what people eat controls a large portion of a nation's wealth and health.

Senate Bill 47 ( would protect Kentuckians' right to privately contract and invest in all types of livestock and poultry to acquire the food of their choice from the farmer of their choice, raised in the manner of their choice.

It would clearly limit regulatory and agency oversight of such arrangements, carving out a clear, free space for people to access all sorts of nutrient dense foods from local farmers raised according to their likings - soy free, raw, gmo-free, and more.

The bill would move Kentucky to the forefront of the nation's food rights movement, while providing unprecedented protection for their small farmers and farm supporters from government intrusion and interference in private contracts, associations, and agreements involving food.

And the Kentucky agricultural establishment doesn't like it.

Taken by surprise that the bill was able to find its way out of committee by a resounding 9-2 vote (for over ten years they have managed to squash any effort to allow Kentuckians greater access to real food, especially real milk), they are now turning all their clout and guns on taking down SB 47 before it goes any further.

The bill now sits, awaiting a vote in the full Senate, while elected officials try to decide between the people and the powerful special interest groups that want the bill stopped.

Kentucky needs your help.  If you are in Kentucky, we need you to take immediate action to spread the word about SB 47 and contact the Kentucky Senate.
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