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Ketogenic Recipe: Wild Salmon Deviled Eggs

Pete Evans and Dr. Mercola recently joined forces and created a new cookbook, “Fat for Fuel Ketogenic Cookbook.” It will be released November 14 and available on CLICK HERE to pre-order your copy now.

Hard-boiled, poached or soft-boiled — Are you tired of eating your eggs the ordinary way? This ketogenic wild salmon deviled eggs recipe from famous chef Pete Evans gives a twist and introduces loads of new flavors to your usual eggs. Not only that, but along with the health benefits of eggs, you also get essential nutrients that salmon has to offer.

For other healthy recipes, stay on the lookout for our latest collaboration, the “Fat for Fuel Ketogenic Cookbook.” This book is filled with ketogenic recipes that are both tasty and nutrient-dense, and is going to be released November 14. For the meantime, enjoy this delicious recipe!

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