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Killer Coke Campaign Moves Forward on Many Fronts

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1. Film Festival Sponsors Stop Killer Coke Event: Prominent Ministers Back Campaign

The lively May 18 event sponsored by the third annual Workers Unite! Film Festival took place at Judson Memorial Church which is surrounded by scandal ridden New York University. Coca-Cola board member Barry Diller sits on the board of trustees of NYU. Before the church was opened for the event, banners and posters lining the church's fence drew the attention and thumbs up from the many passing by who were handed a new brochure entitled "Scandal and Lack of Ethics Plague NYU." At the event, the Campaign announced its 'NYU Dump Coke Campaign 2014/2015' and read a statement from Judson's Senior Minister Rev. Donna Schaper which read: "Universities stand for the highest ethical and moral standards and we hope New York University will continue that great tradition and remove Coca-Cola from campus."

On March 17, Rev. Schaper and noted human rights advocate Rev. David Dyson, Pastor Emeritus, of the Lafayette Ave. Presbyterian Church wrote a letter to NYU President John Sexton and all members of the University Senate stating that, "NYU should once again remove all Coca-Cola products from campus indefinitely and publicly censure Mr. Diller or demand his resignation from NYU's board."  
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