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Klaus Schwab and the Origins of WEF: A Conversation With Johnny Vedmore

This story is a conversation with Johnny Vedmore, whom you might know from his article “Schwab Family Values.

I was a great pleasure to talk to Johnny, or rather listen to Johnny, since we were pressed for time, and I wanted to make sure to get as many of his insights as possible.

In the interview, Johnny talks about Klaus Schwab’s Nazi collaborator father, Klaus’ curious time at Harvard, and the alphabet agency origins on the WEF—which, according to Johnny, is not an ambitious European project per se but very much a shady alphabet initiative from the get-go—which I don’t find particularly surprising or shocking. It seems like even while competing with each other, people with predatory inclinations and a love of dominating others still have a lot more in common with each other than with their underlying peasants.

Johnny’s own life journey has been interesting and intense, and his journalistic work goes into very dark areas, the areas where sun don’t shine.