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Latest Lies from Monsanto's Minions: The Mercenary Intent Behind Proposition 37's GM Food Labeling

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The US Food and Drug Administration says requiring special labels for foods that contain ingredients from genetically modified crops would be "inherently misleading" to consumers - that is exactly what proponents of GM food labeling are hoping for. People inherently side with the precautionary principle and there is no requirement that ballot initiatives be written clearly or well; the assumption is the public will figure it out.

The American Medical Association agrees with the USDA and wrote two months ago, "There is no scientific justification for special labeling of bioengineered foods."

And yet we are going to get it, and the cost, because spin doctors are calling it 'awareness'.

California's Proposition 37, also known as the Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act, will hurt farmers but be a 'bumper crop' for litigation attorneys.  Food activists of the 'we must do something, even if it is wrong' ilk insist wholesome litigation attorneys would not do the thing litigation attorneys do. What it allows is for lawyers to sue everyone in the food chain, whether there is any harm to anyone or not.  Unconvinced, in your wholesome belief that this is about 'truth', that it would never happen?

It happens now and has been happening since I was in college, because this is not the first bad law passed because people can be scared easily.