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Lawsuit Claims 'All Natural' Salmon 'From Maine' Is Neither of These Things

Consumers assume “all natural” means all sorts of things, but probably not salmon raised with antibiotics, formaldehyde, and bleach.

Choose your breakfast: “sustainably sourced, all-natural smoked salmon from Maine,” or “high-density, farm-raised smoked salmon from Chile, Norway, Iceland, or Scotland (we’re not telling which) treated with medically important antibiotics.” The former, right? 

A recent lawsuit brought by the Organic Consumers Association on behalf of the people of Washington, D.C., accuses fish distributors Mowi Ducktrap and Mowi USA of deceptive marketing of smoked salmon sold under the brand Ducktrap River of Maine. Fish marketed as sustainable salmon from Maine was allegedly raised on fish farms outside the U.S., using antibiotics including oxytetracycline (which is also used to fight infections in humans) and a formaldehyde-based disinfectant and bleach, according to internal audit reports cited in the complaint

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