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Lawsuit Filed: The ‘Wild West’ of Organic CBD Marketing Targeted

Beyond Pesticides and its investigative arm, OrganicEye, filed suit in the Superior Court of the District of Columbia against two companies that market CBD (cannabidiol) products identified with false or misleading organic status claims. In August 2020, OrganicEye published an investigative report uncovering industrywide misrepresentation by brands representing their products as organic without the federally required independent third-party certification.
The lawsuit follows the publication of Spotting the Hackers of the Hemp: The Value of Authentic Certified Organic CBD Products by OrganicEye, a project of Beyond Pesticides, a public interest group celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2021. The suit targets Organic Touch and My CBD Organics, two of the marketers that the OrganicEye report finds do not comply with standards that allow for organic claims under federal law. The report documents how many companies are allegedly playing fast and loose with federal law designed to protect consumers from fraud while protecting ethical industry participants from unfair competition.

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