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Lawsuits Seek Justice for California Family Devastated by Dow’s Dangerous Pesticide

Indiscriminate spraying of chlorpyrifos leaves teen with autism, cognitive and intellectual disabilities and other severe neurological issues; Trump’s EPA rolls back proposed ban anyway

Even as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recently rejected its own findings into the damage caused by the pesticide chlorpyrifos, a landmark series of lawsuits against the manufacturer are being filed in central California seeking justice for families whose children have suffered severe damage from its deadly effects.

The first of these lawsuits, Alba Luz Calderon de Cerda and Rafael Cerda Martinez v. Corteva Inc., et al., was filed Sept. 18 in Kings County Superior Court in Hanford (Case No. 20C-250). It relates to damage caused by exposure to the dangerous and now widely banned pesticide, made by Dow Chemical under the brand names Lorsban and Dursban.

More than 50 additional plaintiffs have come forward, and new cases will be filed this week on behalf of other area families who have been similarly damaged.

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