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Lawyers for Chelsea Green, Elizabeth Warren Lay Out Their Cases in First Amendment Lawsuit

Note: This story is more than a week old. Given how quickly the Covid-19 pandemic is evolving, we recommend that you read our latest coverage here.

Attorneys quarreled on Wednesday over whether a 1963 Supreme Court case involving Rhode Island booksellers had any relevance to a White River Junction book publisher’s lawsuit against U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass.

The hearing in Washington Western District Court in Seattle was the first in Chelsea Green Publishing’s lawsuit against the senator, alleging she violated the First Amendment by stifling free speech when she wrote a public letter to Amazon condemning the bookseller’s sale of the Chelsea Green book, “The Truth about Covid-19.”

The plaintiffs include Chelsea Green; Joseph Mercola, the book’s author; co-author Ronald Cummins; and anti-vaccine figurehead Robert Kennedy Jr., who wrote a forward for the book.

They are seeking unspecified damages in the wake of Warren’s September 2021 letter, which they say caused Barnes & Noble to stop selling the book, among other effects.