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Leaked McDonalds Recording Shows the Company Is Fighting Against Parts of Trump's Coronavirus Bill That Would Give Workers Paid Sick Leave

McDonald's is pushing for changes to a coronavirus relief bill that would require its restaurants across the US — 95% which are owned by franchisees — to give workers two weeks of paid sick leave, describing it as an effort to protect franchisees' financials.

The fast-food giant has been lobbying the Trump administration and Congress to alter a bill that would require employers with 50 to 500 workers to provide two weeks of paid sick leave, executives said on an internal conference call on Monday. McDonald's has pushed back against plans to use a tax credit to cover the cost, which executives said would fail to protect franchisees.

"We know that the funding mechanism and the repayment timing could cripple small-business owners," David Tovar, McDonald's vice president of US communications, said on the call, a recording of which was obtained by Business Insider.

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