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Learn to Grow Organic Food in Your Backyard at the Free 2016 Home Grown Food Summit!

Learn to grow organic food in your backyard!

On Monday, March 7, OCA International Director Ronnie Cummins will kick off the 2016 Home Grown Food Summit with a presentation titled “Seven Ways Growing Your Own Food Can Save the Planet.”

And because Ronnie is one of the 30 experts presenting at the summit, OCA can offer free tickets (sign up here).

The Home Grown Food Summit takes place over seven days and includes 50-plus hours of video interviews with the "who's who" of the sustainable food and medicine movement.

In addition to Ronnie, speakers will include Geoff Lawton, The LivestoIn addition to Ronnie, speakers will include Geoff Lawton, The Livestock Conservancy, Justin Rhodes, Loretta Craig, Kari Spencer, Susan Weed, David Goodman, and many more. They'll cover topics like:

•    How organic gardeners produce 2X to 10X greater yields
•    How to spend $0 feeding your chickens
•    Natural beekeeping... how to do without chemicals!
•    Guide to making $80 worth of compost per week
•    Legally keeping chickens and goats in the city
•    Raising superior eggs, milk, and meat in your backyard.

Learn more and register here

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