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Leave the Leaves on the Ground: Nature Conservancy Says to Stop Raking Your Lawn

Leave your rakes in the shed and your leaves on the ground. That’s the message from the Nature Conservancy of Canada.

It’s encouraging people to work a little less hard for the sake of the environment.

“We all love to look at the colour of the leaves but we don’t necessarily like to clean them up,” Nature Conservancy spokesperson Jessica Panetta said.

The not-for-profit conservation group says leaving fallen leaves in your yard is a small helpful act that can support backyard biodiversity.

Leaf piles help native insects, including pollinators, and other backyard wildlife hibernate through the winter.

“It can create a habitat for insects who, just like us, are trying to tough out the winter,” Panetta said.

She says that by providing shelter for insects and critters, you also help larger fauna such as birds who are looking for a quick snack come springtime.

“By having those insects underneath those leaves and in your garden it’s a chance for you to reconnect with nature and see those birds and butterflies,” she said.

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