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Legislative Update: Supplement Crisis Goes From Bad To Worse

A bad supplement policy is moving forward on multiple fronts now. This is the biggest threat to supplements in over a decade. Action Alert!

This week the Senate HELP Committee released its draft of the must-pass FDA user fee legislation, and unfortunately our greatest fear has been realized: it includes Senator Durbin’s (D-IL) mandatory product listing for dietary supplements, a policy that threatens over 41,000 supplements.

We still have the opportunity to defeat this terrible mandate, but it won’t be possible to stop unless Congress hears from as many constituents as possible that we don’t want this bad legislation that will restrict our access to supplements.

Right now, the House and Senate have separate versions of their FDA user fee bills. Up to this point, we have successfully blocked the inclusion of mandatory supplement listing in the House bill, which has just been approved by the House Energy and Commerce Committee.