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resist and regenerate

Let's Meet Up!

It's time to launch an international #resist and #regenerate movement, that will bring together the food, farming, natural health, climate, social and economic justice movements, to create a more powerful political and consumer force.

To grow the movement far, wide and fast, we've teamed up with to set up #Resist and #Regenerate Meetups across the country.

We’ve created materials, an agenda for the first meeting—even a short podcast introduction by OCA’s international director, Ronnie Cummins. 

All we need now is you.

How to get started

Millions of people, in cities and counties across the country, are connecting via By creating your own local “#resist and #regenerate” group on Meetup, you’ll be able to instantly connect with people who care about food, farming, climate change, natural health, social and economic justice, animal welfare and other issues. The Meetup platform makes it easy for you to invite local activists to a meeting to discuss how to make more progress on all of these issues, by working more closely together.

Here’s what to do (if you run into any problems, email and someone will help):

1.    Check out the map to see if there is already a #Resist and #Regenerate group in your area.

2.    Go to Follow the instructions for setting up an account (it's free).

3.    Fill out this form. Once we've got your information we'll set up your #Resist and #Regenerate group and email you the link to join. (Your page will look like this, view the #Resist and #Regenerate map here.)

4.    Join your group!

5.    After you join your group, your OCA regional coordinator will make you a co-organizer for your group. Your regional coordinator will be on hand to answer questions.

6.    Once you are an co-organizer for your group, you can schedule your first meetup (Click on “Home,” then click on “Schedule a meetup.”)

7.    After you schedule a meetup, email and your regional coordinator, to let them know. We’ll send you a packet of leaflets, bumper stickers and other materials. You’ll also find resources on your group homepage—click on “Pages” then “Resources.”

Growing your group

The challenges facing us now are too great for us to continue working in our own bubbles, our own single-issue silos. Our only hope for taking back our democracy, for protecting our health and the health of our planet, is to unite.

To hold corporations accountable, we need powerful consumer campaigns. To regenerate our democracy, we must work across movements to elect new leaders, from Main Street to Pennsylvania Ave.

How? We hope you’ll use the Meetup platform to reach out to others, and invite them to work together.

Here are some tips for doing that:

1.    On your Meetup Group page, go to “Home.” In the left column, find “Invite Friends.” Know anyone who’s working on local election campaigns? Members of climate groups? Natural health advocates? People who are passionate about animal welfare, but haven’t yet connected the dots between factory farms, health and climate? Invite them!

2.    While you're at it, see if you can find any other natural health, climate change, or social justice meetups in your area, become a member of these groups and invite them to join you and work together.

3.    The folks behind the Meetup platform are also organizing #Resist groups. We agree its time to push back against corporate and political corruption. If there is an active #Resist group in your area, join and become a member and invite them to work with us on developing strategies to both #resist and regenerate our communities and democracy as well. (You can find and join #Resist groups here.)

4.    Other ways to use the Meetup platform to grow your group? Keep your members engaged and updated on the discussion pages, and ask them to invite their friends and colleagues to join too!

Thanks for offering to help roll out the “#resist and #regenerate” movement!

With your help, together we’ll build a powerful movement to push back against corporate and political corruption, and push forward on strategies to regenerate our health, our planet, our economy and our democracy.