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Letter from 11 Professors to the University of California

Urging the UCs to reverse its shift in policy suggesting that boosters will be mandated in perpetuity or accept personal responsibility and legal liability for harms.

In September, the University of California (“UC”) mandated bivalent COVID-19 boosters for the 2022-2023 academic year for all faculty, staff, and students, in effect shifting its policy from fully vaccinated to up-to-date and suggesting that boosters will be required in perpetuity.  We the undersigned, eleven members of the UC faculty from several campuses, sent the following letter to university administrators calling on them to reverse this new mandate.  To date, we have received no response.  In addition, we sent the letter to nine UC student newspapers for publication as an Op-Ed.  The Op-Ed editors from two of these newspapers, the Daily Bruin (UCLA) and the Daily Cal (UC-Berkeley) initially agreed enthusiastically to publish the letter.  However, they subsequently withdrew their decision to publish, we presume in the face of pressure from higher up to censor us.