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Letter from Concnerned Organic Consumer to Nature's Gate

Editor's Note: One of our readers sent the OCA a copy of the following letter, which they had written to Nature's Gate in regards to the recent discovery yof the possible 1,4-Dioxane in the "organic" products:

To Whom It May Concern,

One hour ago I was giving my children a bath, with filtered water.  As  I washed their hair (with Nature's Gate Organics Shampoo) I was  thinking about how lucky I was to be able to buy natural and organic  products for them. How lucky I was to be able to shield them from the  harsh carcinogenic chemicals that are in so many personal care  products.

Then I put my children to bed and checked my email... Incidentally I receive the Organic Consumers Association (OCA)

Well I have to hand it to you.  Your company has just taught me a  lesson that I knew but complacently forgot.  Most Big Corporations are  full of green wash. Happy to promote an image of organic, reap the profits, sell out their  customers and make a buck. Boy you people sure fooled me.

Needless to say when I read the OCA's report I felt angry, lied to,  cheated and generally bent out of shape.  I have been buying your hair  care products for years and was happy to switch over to your organic  line when it came out.  In a perfect world you all would owe me  several thousand dollars in product - purchased under false pretenses.   As it is your lying and cheating will be left to your conscience.  But  for obvious reasons I don't think that you will lose any sleep.

You have however lost a customer.  And believe me I like to talk so  with any luck I will cause you to lose a few more in the coming days.

P.S.  Please look for a box containing two brand new gallons of  shampoo I recently purchased.  I would feel guilty putting it in our  land fill with it being so chemical laden and all.  The least you can  do is dispose of it for me.  This way I'll have a little satisfaction  instead of the frustration and anger I feel right now.