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A Letter to Secretary Vilsack

Authentic organic farmer and former NOSB member Francis Thicke appeared before the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) during the public comments webinar on Thursday, April 22 to share concerns regarding the integrity of the national organic standards.

He was speaking on behalf of 40 former NOSB members who served on the Board from 1992 to the present. Cornucopia Directors, Goldie Caughlan and Kevin Engelbert, and three of our advisors, Dr. Joan Dye Gussow, Dr. Fred Kirschenmann, and Dr. Jennifer Taylor, are among the signers of the letter addressed to USDA Secretary Vilsack.

The Cornucopia Institute shares the concerns addressed in the letter: Hydroponic production is not organic, Origin of Livestock and Organic Livestock and Poultry Practices final rules are badly needed, enforcement of the Pasture Rule is weak, and organic grain fraud continues.

Read the letter here.