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Living in the Land of Oz--The Blister of Lies about 9/11 is About to Pop

This essay will reveal how the false flag operation of 9/11 will transform our nation and world away from a sick war based poverty imposing global order into an era of truth and hope that will begin a global healing unseen by humanity.

Being from Kansas and having written guest columns for the Kansas City Star, Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz metaphors come naturally for me. Fortunately for my essay, the Land of Oz metaphor is dead on.

About 40 percent of Americans have now woken up to the unfolding reality that facts regarding the 9/11/2001 attacks increasingly point to complicity at the highest levels of this current Bush Administration (Scripps-Howard Poll). For that 40 percent, and growing numbers of Americans, we now find ourselves living in the land of Oz. We have seen that the "great and powerful Oz," which sent us all scurrying for duct tape and stumbling all over ourselves to give up the precious civil liberties our father's fought for . . . is a manufactured illusion run by a few rather pathetic figures in this current administration, and at the top of our media . . . hiding behind an ever thinning curtain of diminishing credibility.

We see on the Sunday morning talk shows, and the "informed" guests they have on, whether Democrat or Republican, a discussion of a "terrorist threat" that we now know has been largely manufactured by the pathetic little men behind the control room curtains. The discord this sets up in our minds and hearts is hard to bear. We feel our minds pulled back into the matrix. Their flashy TV sets and well dressed "experts" try to help us forget what we know, that 9/11 was an inside job. They ask us day in and day out, to join them in the grand illusion that the "great and powerful terrorist threat," is a reality that really does demand endless hundreds of billions of military spending, illegal wars, and the destruction of our constitutional rights and liberties.

However, ultimately it is a good thing that is happening. The good this bizarre scenario is creating, is that for the first time in decades tens of millions of Americans are realizing that the corporate media that controls 99.999999% of the information read, heard or viewed in corporate media outlets (including so called "alternative" media) is part of a grand charade. A charade meant to fool us into sacrificing our children and our neighbor's children for wars of conquest, distorted with beautiful faces, Brooks Brothers Suits, and flashy video graphics, into "wars of democracy and freedom." We are beginning to see that squeezed in that "control booth behind the curtain" of the Great and Powerful Oz, is also this corporate media, which is increasingly looking desperate and pathetic as well.

The corruption of corporate media is a long lived reality. Perhaps it began in earnest with Kennedy's assassination. Why did the media choose not to interview key witnesses who saw shots coming from the grassy knoll, and courageously tried to apprehend those shooters before being stopped by Secret Service agents who gave the shooters time to escape? Why did the corporate media begin using the term "grassy knoll" as a derogatory slap at anyone questioning obvious lies our government has spewed upon us for decades? Even now, corporate media often uses the term "grassy knoll" to attack people demanding answers regarding the events on 9/11. Yes, corporate media has been a co-criminal in attacks on American democracy for decades.

In the 1980's I went to work under the auspices of the United Nations World Health Organization in Salvadoran and Guatemalan refugee camps in Central America. In the Salvadoran camp of Mesa Grande, home to 20,000 Salvadoran refugees, I discovered "not one single" person who'd been attacked by the FMLN rebels. ALL had been attacked by the US backed Salvadoran military which had been condemned by human rights groups worldwide for their brutality.

When I returned to my home in California a writer for the Orange County Register newspaper contacted me for an interview. When she asked if there was anything I wanted to convey to the readers, I replied, "The US media is giving the impression that the refugees in the Central American wars are 'caught in a cross-fire between rebels and govt. forces.' This is NOT true. The people there are being attacked by the US backed govt. forces, and not by the rebels. Americans need to know this before they give hundreds of millions of their hard earned tax dollars to this murderous Salvadoran regime we are supporting, and that couldn't exist without us."

Days later the article came out in a full page front page section, and I was excited to see it, until I read the first line of the first paragraph, "Huntington Beach man returns from Salvadoran refugee camps, where refugees caught in a 'cross-fire between rebel forces and Salvadoran govt. forces live.'"

I called the reporter, and before I could say anything, she blurted, "I'm sorry, that was the only way we could run the story. My editor said the story had to lead with that line, or we couldn't run the story." The US media had somehow been given marching orders that editors understood, that no article could openly challenge the distorted reality the govt. wanted us to believe. As a result millions were displaced, tens of thousands murdered, and Americans picked up the bill for this monstrous policy.

More recently, months after the 9/11/2001 attacks, I became aware of disturbing facts around 9/11, including the "insider stock" trading against United and American airlines the day before 9/11, that led to a CIA connected investment house that had once been headed by the Executive Directory of the CIA, Buzzy Krongard. The current director of this institution quietly resigned the day after 9/11, with no media scrutiny at all. $5 million were made there on insider knowledge of the coming attacks the next day, and even more bizarre is that half of those "winnings" are still uncollected. These and other facts were sent out to media worldwide.

One day I received a massive number of emails from people asking for more information regarding 9/11, and the possibility it was an inside job. Stunned, I contacted one of these people to find out how they'd gotten my email address, and found that my email address had been published in a major North American newspaper. The article had begun as a "grassy knoll" "tin foil hats" hit piece on 9/11 truth seekers, but oddly it listed point by point the disturbing facts around 9/11 I had collected and sent out. Then it said if you want more information on 9/11, contact ... and they gave my email address.

I called the reporter, who immediately apologized for the "hit piece" quality of the article. He said that in order to get the facts out about the disturbing questions around 9/11, he had to write it in the form of a hit piece in order to get it past his editor. He spoke of other reporters at major papers who'd already lost their jobs for critically analyzing the events of 9/11, and this was only a few months after 9/11/2001.

So, we know that media has been manipulating our thinking for decades to justify illegal wars of aggression all over the world causing untold misery and suffering. The latest war showed Bush and the US corporate media touting the testimony of Saddam Hussein's son-in-law, who'd defected from Iraq. They waved his testimony to justify our illegal attack on Iraq and mass murder of Iraqi civilians. The testimony they waved was about the Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) Hussein's Iraq had developed. However, in that same document in the same testimony he revealed that ALL of those WMD had been destroyed before the first arms inspections years ago. He said that not only weapons were destroyed by also documents.

This is a huge revelation! Remember that Bush, et al, said that Hussein was hiding WMD because he would not produce the "paperwork." Hussein's son-in-law had testified that documents had been destroyed years before. He also testified, again, that the WMD had been destroyed. This administration, with the cooperation of the US media LIED US INTO AN ILLEGAL WAR. This is a war crime, committed by our media. There is no way they could have collectively gone blind half way down that document, to only see the WMD possession, and be completely blind to testimony in the SAME DOCUMENT that the WMD and documents had been destroyed.

Our corporate media was complicit in a crime of vast proportions. Their cover up of this information has led to the mass murder of tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians, thousands of US and coalition forces, and the loss of arms, legs, faces of young troops.

So, we know the corporate media has been complicit in war crimes for decades by deliberate omission of critical information. What good does that information do us?

9/11 has changed everything, but not in the way this administration's liars and their corporate media sidekicks keep trying to drum into our minds. What is different now, is that tens of millions of Americans are waking up to the fact that the flashy lights, fancy clothes, and pretty faces are part of a massive lie. They know that they were lied to about the events of 9/11, and especially that the media is covering up the awareness that those attacks were self-inflicted by elements of our own govt.

In the past, millions of Americans became aware we were lied to about the Central American wars, about the wars in South East Asia (see The Pentagon Papers), and other illegal wars and covert actions. But, the majority of Americans didn't really care that much. The media effectively hid the barbarous results of those actions from American, and perhaps most importantly, those illegal operations didn't harm Americans.

9/11 has changed everything because it was a horrendous attack "on Americans." The images of that barbaric act were emblazoned on the minds of average Americans in a way that never occurred when Salvadorans, or Guatemalans, or Nicaraguans were murdered by our covert operations. However, again and this cannot be over emphasized, the images the crimes of 9/11's horror are forever engrained into our national psyche. The criminals in our govt. needed that to get the Americans in the mood to allow illegal oil conquest wars in the Middle East and beyond. However, now that tens of millions, which will soon be a majority of Americans realize those attacks were self inflicted by members of our own govt. . . . a sleeping giant is being awakened.

Tens of millions of Americans who were able to ignore the suffering of third world people's savaged by US covert operations in the past, are now finding it "impossible" to ignore the crimes of 9/11. Their hunger for information is growing relentlessly. DVDs and books, and articles like this one, are being read and viewed by millions almost daily. They are being passed from hand to hand, and emailed across the vast internet at near light speed. The awakening of the sleeping bear of the American populace is relentless and growing, and when the bear awakens it will be angry for being awoken to this reality.

They will want to know "EVERYTHING." Which is another intriguing aspect to this unfolding future. If you look back at the crimes of our government during the illegal wars in Central America, and the Iran Contra scandal, you'll find names you recognize. Negroponte, Abrahms, Armitage, Rumsfeld, Lee Hamilton, etc. Even more interesting, if you look back at Iran Contra, and peel back the layers you find names that were associated with covert operations during the wars in Southeast Asia, Singlaub, etc. You learn very quickly that the corrupt figures and their quiet behind the scenes network perpetrating war crimes in our names, has been there behind the scenes pulling strings for decades.

What is different now, is that this administration brought all these conspirators and coup plotters forward to be at the head of our government. They were brought out of the shadows, no longer manipulating US foreign policy from the sidelines and shadows, but now running our government with their illegal tactics.

So, 9/11 is becoming the perfect storm. As Toto pulls back the curtain on 9/11, we find: A)    The illegal covert operations our govt. has wielded for decades, is fully capable of attacking our own people, and can no longer be ignored. Leading to the sleeping giant of American citizenry's awakening. B)    These decades of criminals who've corrupted US foreign policy, are now very public figures with records and statements that can be exposed as a full 9/11 investigation will demand. C)    The US media's complicity in this and past crimes against Americans and the world is being understood by a near majority of Americans who now know 9/11 was an inside job, and media is doing everything it can to hide that reality.

Yes, it is disturbing to see Toto pulling back the curtain of reality to show us that the "smart" "intelligent" "corporate" "military" "intelligence" flashing lights of government and media are an illusion. It is disturbing to learn that the perpetrators in our govt. and media are frail, flawed little men, with no more power than the smoke and mirror controls they've hidden behind the curtain. But, now we can walk out of the hall of mirrors, and into the light of day. We can find ways to create the world, we thought we were fighting for and giving our precious tax dollars for all along.

Exposing 9/11 lies, will be the healthiest thing that has happened to our world in decades. It will lead to realities being exposed, both horrible and wonderful. Once the lie machine is disassembled a new "real" media, will discuss the reality that a free energy solar, wind, geothermal economy is not only possible, but has been possible for many years (see "Who Killed the Electric Car," and "Too Hot to Handle" documentaries).

We will learn that globalization policies that have kept developing nations subservient to industrial nations who controlled technology and energy . . . are illusions. A free global energy economy will liberate the developing world from such dependency. Global conflicts over energy will be a thing of the past. Developed nations will be able to slash bloated and obscene defense budgets. Global media will begin to focus on solutions, rather than fear, war, and distracting obsessions and celebrity worship. The sleeping giant of world opinion will demand it.

While some fear the truth of 9/11 coming out, as a breakdown of society, I see great hope in it. I see that what the bible told us is the greatest truth for humanity, "the truth shall set you free."

Some places to find truth right now are:

Once you visit these sights, you'll find an endless web of other truth resources. Once you awaken yourself and others . . . you will ask, "why hasn't the media looked at these facts, and asked questions?"

You will then see the curtain being pulled back every time you watch a TV news program, or radio program, or news article . . . that still pretends that 19 ragtag Moslem extremists fooled the greatest military and intelligence network in human history, being directed by a man in an isolated cave, to defy the laws of physics and bring down the first three steel reinforced skyscrapers in engineering history, using horrible pilots to fly like crack combat pilots striking three perfect bulls-eyes, enabled by the US Air Force failing in all normal defense procedures for nearly one and a half hours while hijacked commercial jets flew over the most protected air space in the world . . . with not one fighter interceptor jet arriving until it was too late.

The giant is awakening, and for those who "smell of sulfur" there will be hell to pay. For the majority of us, we will now have an opportunity to create a nation and world that we can truly be proud of, one that our maker would be proud of.

God bless America.

By William E. Douglas, Jr. Reprint permission for this article is granted. You may publish it anywhere and everywhere. Please include the biography in any reprints.

By William E. Douglas, Jr., who is author of "The Amateur Parent ­ A Book on Life, Death, War & Peace, and Everything Else in the Universe." Bill has been a guest columnist for the Kansas City Star, The Business Journal, and other media worldwide. His past essays include, "Exposing the 9/11 Conspiracy Wingnuts," "The Explosion of the 9-11 Truth Movement -- US Media's Dirty Little Secret," "Good Night, and Good Luck - WMD, NIST, Popular Mechanics, 9/11 and Media Crimes" and also "Why the Jewish Community Should Demand 9/11 Truth."