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Mad Cow USA: The Cover-up Continues

Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy Mad Cow Disease typical and atypical strains, was there a cover-up ?

MAD COW DISEASE, WHO STARTED IT, when and where did it start first ?

WAS/IS there a cover-up attempt ?

WILL the next administration here in the USA hold any sort of Congressional hearings or have a BSE Inquiry of sorts into the Bush Administrations handling of BSE in the USA (any and all strains of TSE) ?

OR, will it be the same old O.I.E. B.S.E. M.R.R. nonsense of 'don't look, don't find, mentality $$$


I am puzzled by several things. IF I remember correctly, the last two mad cows _documented_ in the U.S.A., this was before the surveillance and testing for BSE was shut down to almost nothing, for obvious reasons i.e. the findings back to back of the two atypical BSE cases, but I am puzzled by the fact that no detailed pathology of _both_ the Texas and the Alabama cow have been released, that I am aware of?

I am also puzzled by the fact that no more attention has been given to the fact of several statements and facts that in fact have come about, to simply go ignored? kind of reminded me of the infamous sporadic CJD in farmers and their wives with BSE herds.

But Confucius is confused again. my questions, who really started mad cow disease and or when and where did it really start? IT seems to me that this is not a questions that has been answered. ONE could look at the U.K. BSE epidemic as the point of origin, but if you go back, typical and atypical TSE in the bovine seems to have started way back. It could go all the way back to the U.S.

HAS the continuous rendering U.K. first theory (continuous rendering technology shipped to U.K. some 5 years and used there first before the U.S.A. started using) been proven, as the key to the start, or just an enhancement of sorts i.e. low temps, minus the oils, and was it true that the U.S. did NOT start using it before the U.K. ? and does it really matter ? could the TSE agent have survived and spread regardless ??? seems from the latest study on the TSE agent surviving the Biodiesel Production process, seems then it would not matter.