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Maggie's Organics Letter to the Organic Trade Association: 'We Withdraw from the OTA'

While Maggie's has been a strong supporter of the OTA since our inception, we are confused and concerned by OTA's stance and support of the Stabenow-Roberts Senate Bill S.764 (aka: the Dark Act). Although purported to be a bill to require mandatory labeling on all products containing GMO ingredients, we feel this bill would actually cause serious harm to the integrity of the organic industry. 

As OTA has correctly stated, S.764 is a compromise bill.  However, its ambiguity, lack of penalty authority, and failure to require on-package transparent labeling makes it a compromise we simply cannot make. Our largest concern is that this federal bill supersedes and therefore nullifies all individual state efforts, which have been rigorous and refreshing. Given that one of the sponsors of S. 764 is our home senator from Michigan, and someone we have always regarded as a friend to the true spirit of organic agriculture, we feel it is mandatory that we take a strong position. 

We urge OTA’s Board of Directors to reconsider its position on this historic piece of legislation, and we look forward to renewing our membership should it change.

Please bear with us while we remove all references to OTA from our websites and marketing materials. 

All Maggie’s Organics products will continue to be labeled according to Global Organic Textile Standard, and we will continue all certifications. 

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