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Mainstream Media Attends -- Then Ignores -- U.S. Caravan for Peace

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Obviously the pain of mourning Mexican mothers was deemed to be just too much for the viewers of US television networks.

The Caravan for Peace, Justice and Dignity just finished a 32 day journey across the US, from San Diego to Washington DC. With stops in 24 other US cities along our southern border including El Paso, and Houston with swings to Atlanta, on to the terrorist training center at Ft. Benning up through Chicago, NYC and down to our nations capitol.

I was there with these "caravanistas" driving the LEAP mobile as the only speaker from Law Enforcement Against Prohibition to make this 7,000 mile journey. Lots of Mexican media was there, recording and reporting for the daily coverage that blanketed the print and broadcast media in Mexico. I carried my HD camera and recorded lots of "B roll" that captured the logos on the news cameras that were at each day's events. ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and FOX were at many of these events that featured absolute horror stories of death, loss, kidnappings and disappearances that impact Mexico on a daily basis.

A minimum of 60,000 drug prohibition related deaths have been recorded in Mexico in the last 5 years of Calderon's presidency and at least 10,000 others have been "disappeared". Yes, a few stories broke in local markets but not one word was shared via national news programs in the US.