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Making Baltimore More Bike-Friendly

Penny Troutner has an uncommon lament: "My son Marshall turned sixteen last September and we're trying to get him to get his license. But he says he doesn't need it because he doesn't see any point. There's no place he needs to go that he can't go on his bike."

Of course, the teen's perception of Baltimore is colored by growing up with a mother who's an avid cyclist, an owner of a bike shop, and the first chair of the Mayor's Bicycle Advisory Committee in 1998. But, if things go as planned, her son's experience may some day prove typical.

In May 2006, the Baltimore City Planning Commission unanimously adopted its Bicycle Master Plan, an aggressive program of improvements that will create a network of striped bike lanes, clearly marked signs, links to existing public transportation, and increased bicycle safety education. Road repair began last summer, and the City is continuing its work this summer on Phase 1, the College Town Network-connecting Johns Hopkins, Loyola, College of Notre Dame, and Morgan State-which will be fully functional by the fall 2007 semester. 

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