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The Many Benefits of Organic Farming for Health and Prosperity

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What if there were one solution that could help solve many of America's most pressing problems?

A program that could cut down soaring medical costs by improving the health of our citizens and reducing the risk factors for disease?

An approach that could boost the economy by creating jobs and a healthier, more productive workforce?

A solution that would combat climate change, improve the soil and protect America's watersheds? A method that could also protect the birds and bees, and all living things?

There is. It's called organic farming.

Imagine a world where organic farming is the leading form of agriculture. A world where everyone-from all income levels and geographic locations-has access to food grown without chemical pesticides and fertilizers that have been linked to myriad diseases and disorders. A world where instead of just a few agribusinesses getting rich off selling chemicals and chemically grown food, farmers thrive economically while they also help improve the health of our fragile ecosystem. Where the need for millions of pounds of toxins is eliminated keeping them from entering our water, air and soil. A world where agriculture and nature exist in harmony providing healthier food for everyone.

We believe this dream can come true.

The Organic Farming Research Foundation's (OFRF) report Organic Farming for Health and Prosperity illustrates how science is proving that a better world through organic farming is not just a dream, but the beginning of a much more sustainable reality. 
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