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Massive Anti-Monsanto Campaign 'Monsanto Video Revolt' Launched by Activists

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 AUSTIN, Texas -- A new grassroots campaign entitled the 'Monsanto Video Revolt' sponsored by Storyleak, Global Healing Center and NaturalNews has been launched by activists in order to generate further awareness over the dangers posed by both biotech juggernaut Monsanto and genetically modified organisms (GMOs) at large.

On July 24, the campaign calls on individuals from around the world to post videos regarding Monsanto on all video sharing and social media websites in an effort to communicate the dangers that Monsanto's GMOs and herbicides pose to our bodies, our environment, and our children.

Participants are asked to include 'Monsanto Video Revolt' in the video title in order to drive the campaign into the trending topics of the international news media. Additionally, the Monsanto Video Revolt website contains contact information for lawmakers and environmental regulators.

The Monsanto Video Revolt is a grassroots movement created in order to generate further awareness over Monsanto and GMOs at large. Dr. Edward Group, Anthony Gucciardi and Mike Adams are sponsoring the Monsanto Video Revolt.

The Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) by the USDA warns that individuals who consume Glyphosate (Roundup) may experience "general and non-specific signs of toxicity from subchronic and chronic exposure to glyphosate [herbicide]."  The EIS also cautions that, "infants consuming fruit and all age groups consuming vegetables may be at risk of adverse effects associated with acute exposure to glyphosate residues."  Continued use of these herbicides creates long-term environmental damage and poses an extreme health risk.