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The McCullough Paper

In this article, I will summarise an extensive paper on mRNA vaccine safety recently published by Dr Peter McCullough. It’s an unusual thing for a ‘layman’ to summarise a paper like McCullough’s, so why am I doing it? If I’ve learned anything throughout this pandemic, it’s that we need more participation in our own health. We’ve been cajoled into a position where life and death risk/benefit calculations are made on our behalf by an industry with an apparent lack of interest in our safety.

This was demonstrated beautifully just a few days ago when Fauci went on TV and confidently described the new bivalent vaccine he was promoting “It hasn’t been proven in a clinical trial….because we don’t have time to do a clinical trial!” There was no pushback to this absurdity. In the UK, the MHRA approved the new Pfizer vaccine based on Pfizer data from just 305 people over the age of 55. The average follow-up time was just 1.7 months.