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McDonald Trump: The Surreal White House Fast-Food Feast Was America at Its Worst

Is Trump really the Hamburglar? And was that the craziest moment of his presidency? No, there will always be more

Donald Trump is America’s cartoon president.

Monday evening, he hosted the national collegiate football champions, the Clemson Tigers, at the White House. Magnanimous and proud, smiling and generous, Trump presented a smorgasbord. The offerings? Hundreds of hamburgers and other food items from McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King and Domino’s Pizza. The food was served lukewarm if not cold. Trump posed while a painting of Abraham Lincoln looked down upon him with an expression of evident disgust could not be more plain.

If Donald Trump is the worst of everything about America’s national character, then his fast-food feast is the perfect accompaniment and metaphor for his presidency and the social forces that propelled him into office. It is all a spectacle; the substance which does exist is toxic, a black hole pulling and bending reality to Trump and his enablers’ whims and needs, an authoritarian singularity.

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