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McLean's Nourish Market Targets Health, Lifestyle

Inviting and orderly, McLean's Nourish Market is the health food lover's dream come true. It can even please those consumers who have gone green and are looking for environmentally safe products. Shelves are lined with baby products, doggy treats and shampoos, herbals and vitamins, healthful nutritional bars, organic beauty products, cereals and granola’s, organic wines and beers, and for the hungry, a deli counter in the rear of the store with vegetables, prepared salads, an attendant to make sandwiches and serve customers, and perhaps best of all, free samples of sweet treats.

With the constant drumbeat of "Eat better, healthier food" in the media, consumers must be getting the message and putting healthful meals on the table -- or, at least, they plan to. And that's what Karen Sherwood, health food entrepreneur and owner of Falls Church's Kennedy's Natural Foods and McLean's new food venture, Nourish Market, is counting on.

Inspired by health issues in her own family -- she's been dealing with problems like ADHD, she said -- Sherwood tried to find foods processed without additives. In the midst of a busy life raising three young boys, she got the idea to start her own marketplace that would meet the demands of today's busy lifestyles and would also give parents and others healthier food options.

"The idea for this market came during my busy life," she said. "We were trying to eat well ... but that is hard to do when you are running around looking for 'clean' snacks."

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