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Meatless Burgers Sizzle up Interest . . . and Some Doubts

Some news just won’t go away. That’s true not only for issues such as political campaigns and various celebrities’ affairs, but also — of all things, meat that isn’t meat.

On a local level — a very local level as in buying hamburgers in restaurants and grocery stores— consumers appear to have gotten their teeth into this one and aren’t letting go. And as consumers go, so, too, do investors and manufacturers. And the news is all over it.

Not just the news, but also advertising. Both the Wall Street Journal and New York Post even ran full page ads (hey, these are very spendy ads) against these “second generation” plant-based meats.

A Google search reveals that a full-page color ad, purchased on a non-contract basis, costs $248,060.32, according to The Journal’s Web site.

Go here to see the Wall Street Journal ad. Go here to see the New York Post ad.

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