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The Meatrix Part Two: Beware of the Dairy Products You Buy

We are very excited to announce the release of the Meatrix 2: Revolting!
This spoof of the Matrix movies details the horrors of dairy factory farms,
through the adventures of Leo the pig and Moopheus the cow. Entertaining, adventurous, and informative, this short animated film by our partner organization Sustainable Table is worth watching.

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~Audrey Hill

Food & Water Watch


[NEW YORK, NY] < The Meatrix II: Revolting went live today at , bringing an important message to food buyers
nationwide < manure and deceit might just lurk beneath the packaging of dairy products in your shopping cart. The cliffhanger sequel to the
award-winning Meatrix movie takes on another facet of the factory farm
industry, exposing the ugly truth behind factory dairy farms. The film's
companion site includes The Meatrix 360 Interactive, an animated educational tool with more than 20 hot buttons linking to resource pages that offer in-depth information about factory farm issues.

"The Meatrix II: Revolting takes the Meatrix campaign to the next level,"
stated Diane Hatz, executive producer of the film. "We're not only educating consumers about factory farming and offering them a solution through our Eat Well Guide, we're also building a sustainable community through the online discussion forum and "get involved" section found on our new Meatrix web site."

The three characters, Moopheus, Leo, and Chickity, embark on a new adventure when Leo is taken to a factory dairy farm. On his trip, he learns firsthand the ugly truth about how the animals are raised, what they eat, the hormones and antibiotics they are injected with, and their unsanitary living conditions. The trio finds that these dairy factories create enormous amounts of waste that pollute the surrounding land, water and air.