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Medicinal Foods and Beverages Protect Against Coronavirus, Research Suggests

While the world, at present, appears to be in an accelerating tailspin around the coronavirus outbreak, with very little if any hope provided through conventional medical approaches, the reality is that there are natural alternatives that already have been, and continue to be worth investigating.

The good news is that there have been a number of studies performed over the years on natural substances, which are relatively easy to access, are exceptionally affordable, have thousands of years of history among many cultures of safe use, and include culinary spices that may support your immunity while nourishing you deeply in these stressful times. 

We’ve created a Coronavirus Disease Database on, which collates these studies and makes it easy to view the abstracts and share them with others. You can also see our report about this research here: Studies Find Natural Treatments for Coronavirus. This not the first time I have reported on this type of research for a “deadly virus.” We also have SARS and Ebola virus sections, which includes a report I did on Natural Treatments for Ebola Virus Exist, Research Suggests, also including articles titled, Can Vitamin C Cure Ebola?, and Licorice Shown to Kill SARS and Other Lethal Viruses.

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