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Meet 3 Eco Heroes Who Are Shaping What’s Next

Ready to be inspired to make a positive environmental impact this year? Check out these 3 changemakers who push the limits of how we think about everything from plastic wrap, better-sourced meat and your daily cup of joe.

It can be easy to romanticize the changemakers who are upending the conventional food system. To breeze through headlines, one might imagine they spend their days boldly bringing a cool concept to market, enjoying a profit, while also building a better world, right? Kind of.

The truth is, the path to revolution can be a slog. Often, founders will tell you that getting people to change how they think about, shop for and prepare food can feel like an uphill battle (how long, really, did it take you to always remember your reusable totes?). There’s an awful lot of grit — not to mention gritty details — that goes into getting folks to change a mindset or a habit.

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