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Mexican Justice Should Not Protect Monsanto and Its GMOs

The Mexican justice system should not definitively protect Monsanto and its GMOs, since it has been shown that they put people's health at risk, considers Isaac de Paz, doctor of law. He describes the protection granted in the first instance by Judge Rebolledo Peña as dangerous, because he declares the decree that prohibits genetically modified organisms and the use of glyphosate to the detriment of the collective interest to be unconstitutional.

Ultimately, the Mexican justice system must see the collective interest and not Monsanto's interest in the issue of GMOs and the use of glyphosate, considers Dr. Isaac de Paz, an expert in constitutional law and human rights. This, after on July 14, Judge Francisco Javier Rebolledo Peña granted an injunction to the transnational in which he declared unconstitutional the decree that prohibits genetically modified organisms and the use of agrochemicals.

On August 9, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador held a meeting with Werner Baumann, executive director of Bayer – the company that owns Monsanto – with which the dispute remains in force. Without mentioning this point, the president indicated on his social networks that the CEO expressed “this company's desire to continue investing in Mexico, both in the pharmaceutical branch and in food supplies. They have a lot of confidence in our country.”