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Miami Bans Controversial Herbicides That Are Killing Biscayne Bay

Glyphosate is a popular ingredient in weed-killing herbicides because it's extremely effective. But it's also a well-known pollutant — researchers have found the chemical in samples of the air we breathethe food we eat, and even the beer and wine we buy from the liquor store.

Now, the ingredient has been banned in Miami. On Thursday, city commissioners approved a resolution prohibiting the city and its contractors from using herbicides containing glyphosate, including Roundup. The ban went into effect immediately.

Miami Waterkeeper, a local clean-water advocacy group, applauded commissioners for the decision.

"Banning the use of glyphosate is a great first step to take in improving water quality," the organization said Thursday. "It is also beneficial to public health, as citizens of the city of Miami won’t be exposed to harmful chemicals."

Commissioner Ken Russell, who sponsored the resolution, says he started looking into the city's use of herbicides and pesticides after Miami was swept by blue-green algae blooms, red tide, and fecal contamination.